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Company Profile

AGM Enterprises is a major prime Supplier, Service Provider and Trader of an unmatched array of Air Freshener, Laundry Caring Chemicals, Freshener Refills, Bathroom Cleaning Equipments, Floor Cleaning Equipments, Kitchen Cleaning Equipments, Detergent Liquid, etc. We have been offering highly effective and safe to use array of SAC cleaning products. The range is formulated using safe base materials to ensure maximum performance, long shelf life and easy usage. We have been providing the collection in quality packaging in different quantities as per the demands of the clients.  

Our Products 

Air Fresheners

Digital Air Freshener Dispenser

Air Purifier

Room Fresheners

Duo Air Freshener Refill Vanilla

Naphthalene Balls

Sani Cubes

Duo Air Freshener Refill Citrus

Urinal Screen

Urinal Screen Triangle Packing

Solo Air Freshener

Cleaning Detergents

Window Cleaning Detergents Neutralizer In Powder/liquid Form

Cloth Cleaning Detergent Optical Brighter for White Cloths

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Laundry Detergents Powder

Cleaning Detergents Booster

Liqsol Hd Cleaning Chemicals Hard Floor Cleaner

Eco Friendly Cleaning Detergents Fabric Softener

Laundry Caring Chemicals

Laundry Cleaning Chemicals

Laundry Detergents

Laundry Cleaning Detergents Emulsifier

Freshener Refills

Air Freshener Refill Puro

Air Freshener Refill Zest

Enviro Jan Janitizer Refill Mediterranean Forest

Air Freshener Refill Twist

Enviro Jan Sanitizer Refill Senso Mandarin

Concentrated Room Fresheners

Bathroom Cleaning Equipments

Bathroom Cleaning Brush Chock Up Pump/Plunger

Toilet Cleaning Brush

Bathroom Brushes Glass Applicator 2 In 1

Bathroom Cleaning Brushes Single Hockey

Broom plastic

Toilet Brushes Double Hockey

Cloth Washing Brush

Floor Cleaning Equipments

Floor Wipers

Floor Mops Refill Dry Mop with Wool Fibre

Dust Pan


Floor Mops Refill dry mop

Broom Soft

Floor Mops

Floor Dry Mops

Floor Wet Mops

Floor Mops Refill

Kitchen Cleaning Equipments

SS Scrubber

Bottle Cleaner

Kitchen Scrubber

Kitchen Cleaning Wiper

Waste Bag/ Garbage Bag /Plastic Bag

Kitchen Sponge

Detergent Liquid

Cleaning Of Kitchen Hoods, Oven, Tawa And Grill

Detergent for Colour Cloths And Fabric

Liquid for White Clothes Oxy Bleach With Detergent

Marble Cleaning Liquid

Liquid Detergent For Offices

Surface Shiner

Stainless Steel Shiner SS

Flash Silver Dip

Hand Cleaners

Perfumed Hand Wash

Premium Liquid Soap Germicidal

Foam Cleanser Cartridge Antibacterial

Hand Cleaner Cum Sanitizer

Foam Soap Germicidal

Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch

Instant Hand Cleaners

Liquid Soap

Hand Cleaners

Floor Cleaner

Room Care Cleaning Product

Concentrated Perfume Cleaning Liquid

Floor Cleaner

Surface Cleaner

Metal Surface Cleaner

Concentrated Glass Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Concentrated Carpet Cleaning Liquid

Carpet Stain Remover

Room Cares Services

Room Care Service

Glass Cleaning Services

Glass Cleaning

Glass Cleaner

Upholstery Care Services

Concentrated Upholstery Cleaning Service

Toilet Cleaning Solution

Concentrated Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Stain Remover

Dish Washing Solutions

Concentrated Cleaning Liquid

Concentrated Brightener

Dish Washing Liquid

Scale Remover

Cleaning Chemicals

Concentrated Oil & Grease Spillage Remover

Degreasol Spillage Remover

Concentrated Sanitizer & Cleanser Liquid

Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner

Glitter Cleaner

C2 Floor Cleaner

Concentrated Cleanser

Cleaning Liquid

Recessed Dispenser

Enviro Jan Janitizer Dispenser

Automatic Hand Dryer

Soap Dispenser

Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser (JRT)

Toilet Roll Dispenser

Folded Bath Tissue (HBT)

Enviromatic Mini HRT Dispenser

DC Multi Fold Paper Dispenser

Hand Wash Dispensers

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Multi Fold Paper Dispenser

Tissue Paper Dispenser

Centrifuged Towel Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Foam Dispenser

Foam Cartridge Dispenser

Soap Dispenser Horizontal

Paper Towel Dispenser

SS Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser

Hand Wash Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispenser Compact

Duo Air Freshener Refill

Duo Air Freshener Refill Cherry Almond

Duo Air Freshener Refill Citrus

Duo Air Freshener Refill Vanilla

Duo Air Freshener Refill Lavender

Duo Air Freshener Refill Water Lily

Duo Air Freshener Refill Lemon Grass

Duo Air Freshener Refill Lush Linen

Feminine Hygiene Bin

Germicidal Powder

Feminine Hygiene Bin

Hand Dryer

Enviro Dryer

Eco Dry

Enviro Hand Dryer

Enviro Fresh

Hand Sanitizer

Pump Bottle

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Tissue Towel Roll


Cube Tissue Box

Center Feed Roll

Premium Towel

Enviro Matic Roll Towel Embossed

Hard Roll Towel Embossed

Folded Bath Tissue (HBT)

Premium Multi Fold Towel Tissue

Premium Toilet Roll

Premium Jumbo Toilet Roll

Flat Tissue Box

Toilet Roll

Multi Fold Towel Tissue

Pocket Tissue

Face Tissue Box

Utility Roll Towel

Kitchen Utility Roll

Bath Sponge


Loofah Scrubber

Trolley and Carts

Caddy Tool Bucket

Micro Fiber Flap

50 Ltr Double Mop Wringer Trolley Deluxe with Caddy

Extracting Bucket

Wet Mop Refill

Janitor Cart

20 ltr Wringer Trolley

Wet Mop Clip Color Coded

Restaurant Cart

36 ltr Single Mop Wringer Trolley

Round Mop Refill Color Coded

Guest Room Service Cart

40 ltr Double Mop Wringer Trolley Plastic Frame

Round String Mop Refill

Steel Trolley Cart

60 ltr Double Mop Wringer Trolley Metal Frame

Kentucky String Mop Refill

Glass Cleaning Kit

Combi Mop Blue

Mini Spade

Glass Cleaning Kit with Bag

Telescopic Pole

SS Glass Scrap

Blade Scrapper

Scrapper Blades

Glass Water Scrap

Plastic Floor Scrapper

Replacement Rubber

Combi Mop Yellow

Metal Floor Scrapper

Plastic Shovel

Waist Tube Brush

Dry Mop Grey

Caution Board CIP

Micro Fiber Mop

Dry Mop Blue

Round Dust Brush

Wet Mop

Micro Fiber Refill

Round Mop

Tissue & Duster

Aluminum Rod

Feather Duster Cap

Toilet Roll

Steel Rod RCO99

Static Color Duster

HRT Roll

MS Rod

Static Duster

Jrt Roll

Round Mop Clip Set

Single Mop Trolley

Facial Tissue

Foldable Frame for Dry Mop

Single Mop Trolley 30Lt

N Fold Napkin

Flat Frame for Dry Mop

Double Mop Wringer Trolley

C Fold Napkin

Kentucky Micro Fiber Refill

Multi Fold Paper Dispenser


Blue Dry Mop Refill RC105

Glass Duster


Yellow Duster

Check Duster

Floor Duster

Micro Fiber Cloth

Floor Brush

Floor Hard Brush Imported

Yellow Sponge

Carpet Brush Soft

Floor Soft Brush Imported

Sponge Mop

Carpet Brush Hard

Floor Soft Brush

Steel Scrubber

Plastic Floor Broom

Aluminum Floor Hard Brush

Nylon Scrubber

Bottle Cleaning Brush

Aluminum Floor Soft Brush

Double Hand Scrubber

Jali Brush

Road Brush Wooden

Dudel Mop Scrubber

Multi Brush

Floor Broom Soft

50ltr Pole Garbage Bin

Patla Brush

Floor Broom Hard

Garbage Bin

Toilet Brush


Toilet Brush Round with Stand

Toilet Brush Hockey

Plastic Floor Wiper Rubber

Toilet Brush Rich Hockey

Toilet Brush Round

Steel Floor Wiper Rubber

Toilet Brush Flat Rich

Plastic Floor Wiper Sponge Big

Aluminum Floor Wiper

Mini Plastic Wiper

Plastic Floor Wiper Sponge Small

Plastic Floor Wiper Sponge Imported

White Sponge

Bins & Bags

Garbage Bin

Safety Belt

Plastic Bucket

Garbage Bag

Face Mask

Plastic Drum

Steel Bins

Automatic Hand Wash Dispensers

Plastic Mug

Swing Dust Bins

Hand Wash Dispenser

Plastic Shovel Small

Rectangular Bins

Spray Gun 500 L

Hand Gloves

Pedal Bins

Extracting Bucket

Hand Gloves Disposable

3 M Products

3M SPP Pad

3m Scrubbing Pad

3M Power Pad

3M 2 in 1 Scrub

3M Purple Pad

3M Tan Burnishing Pad

3M Heavy Duty Scotch Brite

3M Light Duty Scrubber

3M Medium Scotch Brite

3M Heavy Duty Scrubber

Cleaning Machines

CRV 15 Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

SDM 45G Multi Functions Machines

CRV 10 Super Lower Noise Dry Vacuum Cleaner

SCL Compact Free 45 E Scrubber Drier

CRST 1100 Multi Functions Machine

Industrial Vacuum CRI Cleaner

CR Crystallizer

Windy 2- 65 IF Steel Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet Extractor

Kronos IF 35 Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

CR Ride On Sweeper

CRV 30 Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

CRV 60 Stainless Steel Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Thunder 50E Scrubber Drier


Sharp Shooter

Safety Goggles

Safety Helmet

Measuring Mug

Surgical Face Mask

Nature of Business

Trader, Service Provider and Supplier

Income Tax Registration No


Central Sales Tax No


Company Registration No



Canara Bank and Vidya Sarkari Bank

No. of Employees


Annual Turnover

Rs 1 Crores

Year of Establishment